9 Reasons to have live music or a Pro DJ at your corporate event

July 6, 2018

       Whether it's the company holiday party, annual gala, networking mixer or even a large training seminar, people want to have a good time. Choosing the right entertainment for a corporate event is important. There are times the guests want to converse and talk business and there are times to let loose and party. The larger the company, the larger the celebration and event production one would create, naturally. Microsoft doesn't throw the same party that a small law firm would and might feature a 10 piece band in stead of a DJ. Your music and entertainment you book just may be the key element to the overall success of your event!


      So, here are 9 Reasons you should hire musical entertainment for your corporate event:


1) Staff and guests want to enjoy themselves.
Good music lifts the spirit and even if it's not a dance party, people generally become more interested and at ease. 


2) Music is a great way to welcome guests.

Music communicates "We're here. We're ready for you and this is the right place." The right music playing for guests entering the event space starts off everything in a more creative and joyful tone.


3) Music is great for introduction of speakers.

We don't necessarily need to become "The Tonight Show" here but a great tune when announcing a key speaker and even an awardee really brightens the mood. It heightens the introductions and these special moments so that all in attendance have more fun.


4) It fills the gaps.

Between event speakers, training segments or awards, music fits nicely and can really help your event flow better. It's a lot better to have a recognizable tune to tap your foot to instead of just 'dead air.'

5) Music is essential for cocktail hours.

The right music here sets the perfect cocktail hour mood and still allows for guests to comfortably speak to each other. Jazz, bossa nova and instrumentals here by a DJ work best. If you have live musicians, even better and the guests will recognize that the company took enough interest in adding the special touch.


6) If dinner or a meal is involved, music helps.

Just like cocktail hour, the right music goes very well with dinner. It should be kept light and/or instrumental so people can talk.


7) In many cases you're getting a 2-for-1 deal

When I'm hired as a DJ I always provide microphones as well. So, it's possible for us to share the same sound system and I can monitor the microphones for event speakers while still running the music. In most cases you won't need two different systems!

8) If the purpose is to party or celebrate, music is a must!

If the budget allows for it you can hire a great 5 to 10 piece band. Most bands typically can provide staging and lighting as well which really kicks up the visuals many notches. Just getting a great DJ that takes requests and prepares playlists ahead of time will still be a hit and professional ones always offer you lighting and several upgrade options.


9) Music makes memories. It's science!

We've all experienced hearing an old familiar tune that trigger vivid emotions and often great memories. Studies show that a broad range of neural networks engage when we hear music and it's why music is so often utilized for therapeutic means. Great music + a social experience is very likely to have staying power in our minds.


We're NOT just a DJ service.

We're highly interested in all ways we can further help you and create long term relationships with our clients. We bring the right vendors, entertainers and teams in to create your ideal event.


Contact us for your next big event or special celebration!


Blogger: Grant "DJ Gannon"

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