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South Florida weddings

We bring the sound & bring the FUN!

If you're serious about your music and entertainment, then we have this in common.

Just want a DANCE ALL NIGHT party? We have you covered. From start to end, Gannon Events pays close attention to detail and ensures your special day runs smoothly. We work strictly by your own tailored timeline you help complete and can adapt to any changes seamlessly.  

Complete Entertainment Services 











Ambient & Dance

It goes far beyond just having a great DJ/MC at your wedding. Add a special touch to your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception with live musicians! Add professional dancers to pump up the crowd during your dance party. Add full room up-lighting and ambient lighting to really create an impact that also looks great in photos/video. Add an hora loca (crazy hour) with LED robots or party favors to really kick it up to the next level! I love what I do and it's always a good time! Let's discuss your event this week.

A Custom Wedding Timeline

The timeline is critical and is your chance to specify orders of events, times and request particular songs at key points of your big day. It keeps us all organized!


Staying in Close Communication



The DJ/MC or Musicians must be in tight communication with the planner/coordinator, the bride/groom as well as the crowd. Important cue points cannot be missed and we must be ready for any last minute change-ups. We study the crowd and encourage requests to keep your guests having a blast.

Having Back-Up Systems in place


No one enjoys technical difficulties and they are sometimes inevitable. We've learned from those small unfortunate occurrences and have back-up gear ready for any mishap moments. Our equipment is serviced regularly by local pro technicians.

We Ensure your Successful Wedding Night with... 

Angeline H., Bride

Miami, FL

“THE BEST DJ EVER!!!! My husband and I are so thankful to have met Grant and to have had him as our DJ for the most important day of our lives. Grant exceeded our expectations and had everyone on the dance floor celebrating with us and having an amazing time. Grant's professionalism is at a total different level and we were blown away by how serious he took his position as the DJ for our event. We never worried about a single detail because he'd always follow up and make sure we were informed and aware of all the music and specific instructions for that day. Grant's communication was so awesome! We're blessed to have met him and we can’t wait to tell others about him! THE BEST!!!!”

Christopher A., Groom

Miami, FL

My wife and I hired Grant (from Gannon events) as DJ our wedding, and he did an exceptional job! Everything went FLAWLESSLY from start to finish. If you're looking for someone who DJ's weddings FOR A LIVING (not just a hobbiest) who knows what they are doing, don't look any further! 10/10!

Jamie W., Bride

New Orleans, LA

Grant Gannon (at Gannon Events) is an amazing DJ. My husband and I were lucky enough to have him for our wedding and we couldn't have been happier. I really appreciated his guidance from the beginning also his professional, organized, reliable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about music. Grant did a great job of keeping everyone entertained and keeping a good flow of the reception while everyone was waiting. It was really important for us for everyone to have a good time and to keep everyone on the dance floor. Well, I can say that the dance floor was packed the whole time and we even extended our reception an extra hour and a half. Grant had no problem staying the extra time and was able to keep everyone dancing and having fun! No one wanted to leave! He definitely met all of our expectations and I would highly recommend Grant for any event!

A Custom Wedding Timeline 

Staying in Close Communication

 Back-up Systems in Place


Every wedding is different and they normally range from $999 to as high as $3,000 depending on your venue, number of guests and needs. The average client invests $1,699 into their wedding entertainment.

If you prefer a live band for your special day then these can run anywhere between $3,000 - $15,000 depending on size, staging and production.


Gannon Events, Miami, FL

South Florida weddings


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